New to Python

New to Python, Yay!

So you have probably heard many people wax lyrical about how Python is an easy language to learn and that it tends to be the language of choice for self taught beginners. This is technically true. It's readable and the syntax can be picked up pretty quickly. The main stumbling block for people is learning how to program. This is a skill that takes time and practices to develop. So on this page you will find tools and websites that can help you learn the syntax and also a number of sites to learn programing and problem solving skills using Python.

Python Cameroon primarily serves as a way for Pythonistas to meetup across Cameroon however we also will try to help you when you just beginning your journey into Python world. We have developed this area for learning resources that can help you get started. You can also send us an email if you have any specific questions and we will try to help. Please remember though that we are not an educational organisation and we are just trying to pool the online resources to save you time trawling through the net.

Below you can find a list of free resources for learning Python. There are also event organised by Python Cameroon and other affiliates that can provide a face to face introduction. Check out our Community page for details on how to sign up for various Buea based events.

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